Utility Vending System


The Utility Vending System (UVS) allows Utility Companies to manage prepaid vending to STS electricity, water and gas meters in a turnkey solution.
With enterprise grade security and reliability, provided by our STS certified TSM500i-NSS, the UVS is fully scalable across multiple Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), enabling large deployments that scale easily.

As a member of the STS association we have worked to define the international standards utilised today. Our electricity vending solutions provide secure, fast generation of prepaid electricity tokens.

When integrated into our VTU Mobile Distribution Platform, it effectively enables electricity aggregation with multiple distributions companies (DISCOs) and meter technologies.

Key Features

The Utility Vending System has three major features -

Meter Management

It has never been easier to manage and control your meters.
Meters can now be blocked or suspended from vending, ensuring maximum control. Meters can also be associated with a Place of Connection (POC), allowing for location based management.

Tariff Management

Allows for Utility Companies to design tariffs to suit their requirements with multiple rates (Block Tariff), multiple charges as well as multiple free units on a single tariff.

Consumer Management

Allows Utility Companies to better manage their consumers and arrears. Arrears are managed by consumer rather than by meter, simplifying collection.

Our Customers

Below are the major customers under Utility Vending -


Utility Companies

Utility Companies deploying STS certified prepaid meters use the Utility Vending System to manage their meters, tariffs and customers.

Mobile Operators

Partnering with the Mobile Operator, the utility is able to utilise the Mobile Operator's distribution channels that are already in place, ensuring maximum distribution reach to the consumer.